Friday, November 21, 2008

Or Rathol Nok [1995]

This here is the first and only demo from Or Rathol Nok featuring Mick Barr on guitar and vocals. He went on to play in Crom-Tech, Orthrelm, Ocrilim, The Flying Luttenbachers and now Krallice among many others. It came out in 1995 and he only made a handful that he handed out to friends and family (he's my cousin. don't tell anyone though, it's a secret) and also at that one show they played in Hamden in that warehouse attic space that had shows for maybe 6 months or so.

1. Eeennn (1:43)
2. Octobear (1:03)
3. Problems w/ Dapma the Darian (:36)
4. The T-12 Boxbox (1:52)
5. Kron Forn Mot Sweeg (1:29)

Total Playing Time (6:43)

Download :

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Get High [1996]

Get High was an excellent hardcore band from Massachusetts similar to Dag Nasty. They also shared the singer and drummer from the band Dive. This demo was self released and recorded and mixed by Brian McTernan at Salad Days on Dec 1st 1996.

1. Mayinga (2:15)
2. Until the Last Day (2:12)
3. Horror Stories (2:36)
4. Pandemonium Empire (1:43)
5. Magnetized (2:02)

Total Playing Time (10:49)

Download :