Wednesday, October 29, 2008

nineironspitfire [1995]

Comprised of several former members of Undertow. This demo is reminiscent of Undertow but far more discordant and noisy. Demian Johnston went on to play with Kiss It Goodbye and Playing Enemy after this and Mark Holcomb left shortly after recording this demo to play with Shift in NYC.

1. in the comfort of strangers (2:13)
2. charcoal drawings/weapon of choice (5:19)
3. one last wish (2:17)
4. far too familiar (2:00)

Total Playing Time (11:49)

Download :

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kiss it Goodbye [1996]

Here we have the original demo tape from the late great Kiss it Goodbye. Still to this day probably the most intense live band I have ever seen. 3 of the 4 songs on here ended up on other releases. "Hartley" and "Manthing" were re-recorded for "She Loves Me.She, Loves Me Not" and "Target Practice" was re-recorded for the "Choke" EP. The sample at the end of "Target Practice" blends right into "Hartley" on the tape, so I made into 1 track.

1. Manthing (3:18)
2. Afterschool Special (3:08)
3. Target Practice/Hartley (9:42)

Total Playing Time (16:08)

Download :

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is the first demo from Chicago's MK-ULTRA (Bleading Ear Records No.1). The 8 songs are really noisy, thrashy, groovy, hardcore/punk. Great samples that actually serve as lyrics a lot of the time. Very simple, angular and noisy. This got a lot of play in my walkman and car stereo.

1. Seconds (3:14)
2. What Have You Got (2:06)
3. You Will Die (1:37)
4. Nevernever Land (2:42)
5. Ulcer (:30)
6. These Things I Believe (2:56)
7. Statues (7:20)
8. The Mountain Song (Crucifucks)(1:21)

Total Playing Time (21:51)

Download :