Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kiss it Goodbye [1996]

Here we have the original demo tape from the late great Kiss it Goodbye. Still to this day probably the most intense live band I have ever seen. 3 of the 4 songs on here ended up on other releases. "Hartley" and "Manthing" were re-recorded for "She Loves Me.She, Loves Me Not" and "Target Practice" was re-recorded for the "Choke" EP. The sample at the end of "Target Practice" blends right into "Hartley" on the tape, so I made into 1 track.

1. Manthing (3:18)
2. Afterschool Special (3:08)
3. Target Practice/Hartley (9:42)

Total Playing Time (16:08)

Download :


BHS said...

Wow man, I haven't heard this in 10 years. This was the only recording they did as a 5-piece with Cooper on 2nd guitar and backing vocals. They definitely came out the gate swinging though once they kicked out Cooper, even though I sort of understand why they did it, they lost something.

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