Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gravel Pit Demo [1989]

Received this as a gift in 1990-91 from someone who did not like it and thought I might, and they were absolutely right. Awesome rock/pop with organ verging on punk and even psych at points. This tape has been played in every walkman and car stereo I have ever owned. They put out another demo tape after this called "The Shark Long Player" in 1992. I have that and might put it up here if I get around to it. Enjoy the early sounds of one of New England's finest.

1. Spindle (2:31)
2. The Interstate Of Mind (3:26)
3. See Emily Play (2:42)
4. The Egyptian Beach Song (4:42)
5. Hurt The Dog (2:30)
6. Focusing On One Specific Goal & Achieving It (3:02)
7. Stupidity (4:46)

Total Playing Time (23:40)

Download :