Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gravel Pit Demo [1989]

Received this as a gift in 1990-91 from someone who did not like it and thought I might, and they were absolutely right. Awesome rock/pop with organ verging on punk and even psych at points. This tape has been played in every walkman and car stereo I have ever owned. They put out another demo tape after this called "The Shark Long Player" in 1992. I have that and might put it up here if I get around to it. Enjoy the early sounds of one of New England's finest.

1. Spindle (2:31)
2. The Interstate Of Mind (3:26)
3. See Emily Play (2:42)
4. The Egyptian Beach Song (4:42)
5. Hurt The Dog (2:30)
6. Focusing On One Specific Goal & Achieving It (3:02)
7. Stupidity (4:46)

Total Playing Time (23:40)

Download :


JT said...

Thank you so much for this.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Gravel Pit and your entire blawg!


Anonymous said...

love to get this but mediafire sucks and keeps hijacking my browsah with ads

thanks though
- noiseboard reader

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! I have been searching for tis off and on since I lost my black tape with yellow paper label in '96......THANK YOU!!!