Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Cassadines [1998]

This band was around for a very short amount of time in Tucson, Arizona in the late 90's. They we're one my favorite local bands to go out and see when I first moved there in 1998. Reminds me of both Boys Life and The Farewell Bend and maybe a little 764-Hero. Just three songs on this tape, they broke up before releasing anything else.

1. Tamagotchi (4:01)
2. Never Let Me Go (5:20)
3. Idiots Code (5:23)

Total Playing Time (14:44)



rat said...

This shit is awesome! I'm glad I get to hear something from your town 12 years ago that you love. Oh, the internet...

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the band they are great really like this blog hope to see more post in the future

jlugomiller said...

Hey, dooder. can you re-post this please. pretty please.

Dubmaster General said...

Re-uploaded for you jlugomiller. Enjoy!